A Scaled-up Form 2 Print Engine, Using Giant Galvanometers

This is an ongoing project! This, and future posts will all be linked on the Project Page (once I create it) Some time after finding the camera from my last post, I found myself again at the MIT Swapfest, amongst yet more relics from the labs and basements of the greater Boston area. I wasn't … Continue reading A Scaled-up Form 2 Print Engine, Using Giant Galvanometers

What’s the point? Getting over a robot’s mid-life crisis

In a way, this post is part of the TigerBug project, which was a robot hardware platform I worked  on for use at RIT for research and as a fundraising tool . However, it will probably not be going under that name anymore, as I want to take the project in a different direction. Take a look at the project hub for past progress on different components of this project. 

Introducing N.C. Sketcher

I'm working on N.C Sketcher for my final robotics class at RIT. See other posts about this system on the project hub. While I have been sinking some time into exploring computer vision processes, I have also been working hard on coming up with an actual hardware platform.  While benchmarking existing drawing machines, I made … Continue reading Introducing N.C. Sketcher